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Track Your Truck’s powerful NetTrack GPS fleet tracking software offers detailed reporting that helps you improve operations. Advanced reporting tools allow you to monitor your vehicles via Google Maps, so you can track your trucks and drivers 24/7 from anywhere.

Historical information and analysis are a vital part of your day-to-day tracking services. Track Your Truck provides a wide array of reporting features to help you manage your fleet and make informed decisions based on vehicle patterns and events. View reports online, print them or export them for storage or inclusion into one of your applications. Reports can be downloaded in a variety of formats including popular Excel, Word and Adobe PDF.


  • Monitor all your vehicle activity in one report
  • Compare all vehicles side by side
  • Flag undesirable driving activity
  • Verify stops and point activity



Truck Activity Report

The Truck Activity Report provides a full overview of all activity for each vehicle. Select as few or as many reports as you wish to view. You can produce a report on vehicle operation that includes total operating hours, total standstill time, total stop time and total miles. Optional reports include:

  • Truck Status

    This report indicates the time the truck arrived at or departed a job site and the time spent at that site. Daily, weekly or monthly status reports are available for an individual vehicle or all vehicles.

  • StandStill

    Monitor the beginning and end date/time, the location and duration time that a vehicle was running but motionless.

  • Start/Stop

    Determine the periods where the vehicle was not active, how many miles were driven from start to stop, and the length of time since the vehicle was last in operation.

  • Speed Alert

    This alerts you to an occurrence of the selected vehicle(s) exceeding the preset speed parameter. This feature helps you maintain a good safety record by making you aware of how your vehicles are being handled on the road.

Point and Truck Point Activity Reports

What are points? The point (geo-fence) feature allows you create and maintain addresses for repeat destinations, such as job sites, employee homes, offices, warehouses and routine stops. These locations are called Intelli-Status Points.

The Point Activity Report displays a single or several Intelli-Status Points and the activity associated with each point. View the point name, the date and time of arrival and departure, the truck identifier, the event (arrive or leave) and the amount of time spent at that particular point. You can select a single truck or all trucks, and a single location or all locations. By tracking the amount of time spent at each location, the Point Activity Report helps you minimize employee idle time.


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