Stay on the Safe Side With Speed Monitoring

Take the risk-free lane with the help of Track Your Truck. Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions help you monitor and control excessive speeding. Save on fuel, ticketing and insurance costs, and most importantly, save lives.


  • Control your fuel costs by eliminating fuel waste due to excessive speed
  • Reduce risk and insurance costs
  • Real-time alerts allow you to address bad driving habits quickly
  • Truck Activity Reports allow you to see speeding trends


Control Fuel Costs

Speeding is a big fuel waster. Driving at speeds greater than the vehicle’s optimal fuel efficiency decreases gas mileage. Gas mileage drops most rapidly at speeds above 55 mph. Your drivers can Increase fuel efficiency and save your company money by observing the speed limit — it’s that simple.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Our Vehicle Tracking Service monitors vehicle speed. This allows you to analyze your driver’s behavior and take the appropriate actions to reduce fuel usage.






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