Google Routing and Directions Improves Drive Time

Our real-time GPS tracking provides fast, effective dispatching. See where your vehicles are at all times and get your trucks to their next destination via an optimized route that minimizes fuel costs and time spent on the road.


  • Find the closest driver to a customer, drop-off or service call
  • Send directions to your driver’s phone when in unfamiliar areas
  • Eliminate wasted time between stops
  • Optimize travel routes to avoid traffic and bottlenecks


Find the Closest Driver

Improve customer service. Decrease the time your customers spend waiting for a delivery or service by dispatching the driver nearest the customer, drop-off location or service call.

How Track Your Truck Helps

Our tracking systems make it easy to find the location of a single vehicle or your entire fleet. You can quickly assign the closest vehicle to the desired destination.

How Track Your Truck Helps

If a driver is lost, your GPS tracking system provides information about the vehicle’s current location, while the routing information lets you send turn-by-turn directions to your drivers’ phones.

Eliminate Wasted Time

Your time is valuable; every minute that your vehicle is on the road costs you money in fuel and labor. Reducing idle time between stops improves your business productivity.

Optimize Routes

Paper maps can be outdated and may not show street changes. Maps cannot indicate problem areas like construction zones and traffic jams.

How Track Your Truck Helps

GPS fleet tracking with real-time mapping is an effective way to create more efficient routes. Optimizing the routes your vehicles take lowers fuel costs and saves you money. By reporting updated traffic conditions, including the locations of traffic jams, bottlenecks and emergency and weather-related closings, our real-time tracking helps you navigate around problems.


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