Track Drivers, Not Just Vehicles

You may know where your trucks are and how they are being driven, but do you know who is driving them? A Dallas Driver ID system offers additional insight into the behavior and whereabouts of your drivers. It identifies the driver of each vehicle so you can separate vehicle data from driver data, which allows reporting by driver as well as by vehicle. This is particularly useful for businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles across many drivers who do not use the same vehicle each day


  • Identify the driver of the vehicle
  • Verify the start and end of day
  • Supplement your timesheet reporting



Features and Benefits of Electronic Dallas Driver ID:

  • Identify the Driver of the Vehicle
    Run reports by driver as well as by vehicle. Find out who got that speeding ticket, who was driving when a speeding alert was issued, who is misusing vehicles after hours and more.
  • Verify the Official Start and End of the Day
    Knowing what time each driver began and ended work on any given day helps reduce false overtime claims.
  • Supplement Timesheet Reports
    Check your driver reports against timesheet reports to confirm the hours worked by each driver. This ensures the accuracy of your payroll.
How Does it Work?

IDriver ID is an optional add-on to your tracking system. The Dallas ID key fob monitoring system is easy to install and easy to use. The key reader is installed on each vehicle’s dashboard along with your GPS tracking device. Each driver gets a unique, coded Dallas key that must be touched to the key reader when turning on the ignition. The driver’s name is logged into the system so you can get a report based on a particular driver, not just the vehicle. If the driver changes vehicles during the day, the system aggregates driver-tracking information to give you a comprehensive view of the driver’s behavior.


Driver ID is an effective tool for managing employee and fleet productivity. Accountability increases as drivers become more responsible for their driving actions and behaviors, including speeding, idling, accidents, traffic violations and aggressive driving.



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