Put the Brakes on Aggressive Driving

Fleet tracking helps you eliminate aggressive driving such as speeding and harsh starting and stopping. Save on fuel consumption, cost and pollutants; decrease costly brake repair maintenance; and reduce the risk of accidents and save lives.


  • Monitor jackrabbit starts to reduce risk and fuel usage
  • Stop harsh braking and reduce repair costs
  • Compare driving habits between drivers and offer a reward for best behavior



Monitor Jackrabbit Starts
Accelerating quickly when the light turns green increases fuel usage, costs and emissions. At its worst, jackrabbit starts indicate generally unsafe, aggressive driving. Drivers should be encouraged to start more gradually, accelerating slowly and smoothly, before getting into high gear..
How Track Your Truck Helps

IFleet tracking lets you monitor jackrabbit starts so you can reduce fuel usage and decrease risk. GPS tracking systems detect quick increases and decreases in speed, and generate reports that indicate the occurrence of dangerous driving. Stopping bad starting saves money and is good for the environment, too.

Stop Hard Cornering

Taking corners slowly helps your drivers stay safe, save lives and avoid accidents. A significant number of accidents are caused by aggressive driving.



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